Tax Payment Options

Payment Information & Options

Taxes May Be Paid

  • Through Virtual County Hall by credit card (surcharge added) or Visa or Mastercard debit card.
  • By Online or Telephone banking – Search “Foothills” and look for “Taxes”.  The 10 digit Roll number on the Combined Assessment & Tax Notice is the account number.  Foothills County cannot accept e-Transfers.
  • By Mail - Please enclose the remittance portion of the Notice with your payment. Post-dated cheques are acceptable.  The Canada Post postmark will be honored as the date of payment.  If the Canada Post postmark is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the actual date of receipt by Foothills County.  A postage meter imprint is not proof of the mailing date.
  • At most Financial Institutions in Canada. Make sure your receipt shows that payment was made to Foothills County.
  • In person at Foothills County Administration Building, 309 Macleod Trail, High River AB. We accept credit card payments through Virtual County Hall only.  Credit cards will not be accepted at the office.
  • In person after hours through the mail slot located by the front door of Foothills County Administration Building, 309 Macleod Trail, High River AB - cheques only please.
  • Pre-Authorized Payments – sign up through Virtual County Hall or Tax Installment Payment Plan.


If you require a receipt, please contact the Property Tax Department. Receipts issued in acknowledgement of a cheque or other negotiable instrument shall be valid only when the payment amount has been collected by Foothills County.

Tax Installment Payment Plan PAYMENT PLAN (TIPP)

Save money on your annual property taxes!

TIPP is a plan by which taxpayers make consecutive monthly payments for property taxes.

TIPP Application

Discounts for Monthly

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)
Pay your taxes in monthly installments and receive a discount:

5% discount if first payment is received on/or before January 31.

Discounts for Early Payment of Taxes
Prepay your property taxes and receive a discount:

6% discount if estimated taxes are paid on/or before January 31.