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Historic Preservation

One of the five important aspects of our rural character that were identified by residents during the development of the new MDP2010 is our wealth of historic and archaeological resources. The MDP2010 states:

"Preserving and studying our cultural heritage gives us a key piece of our rural character. The stories, treasures and cultural landscapes of people through the ages and of those who homesteaded here give us a sense of belonging. They are particularly valuable as new landowners with no history or background in farming move to the County of Foothills."

The County is currently undertaking an inventory of historical resources. For more information on this project see Planning and Projects Currently in the Works.

Historic Sites in Foothills County

Foothills County is rich in culture and history. The Historic Committee needs your help in identifying, locating, and collecting information and stories about the historic features within Foothills County.

If you are aware of any Historic Site(s) within Foothills County, please complete the Historic Site Identification Form (PDF). A member of the Historic Committee will contact you regarding the site(s) details.

Marking Our Historic School Sites

One room school houses were often the centre of focus for the rural communities. The schools not only provided a place for education for the children but were important socially, being used for picnics, dances, community meetings, town meetings and sometimes as churches.

Foothills County Historical Committee has identified historic school sites within the County as part of a project that was to commemorate the County's 60th anniversary in 2014.

The school marker symbol is being used throughout Vulcan County, MD of Willow Creek and Foothills County to identify former school sites.


Group of people (adults & children) standing in front of old school
Tongue Creek School