Municipal Plans

Links to the County's IDPs, ASPs and ACPs can be found below.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The Foothills County Planning  Department was tasked with implementation of the community's vision for the area we call home. That vision is determined through public consultation. In 2010 the Foothills County planning department worked with a steering committee made up of representatives from the public to review and update our Municipal Development Plan - the result of this process is MDP2010. This document outlines a comprehensive vision for the County addressing the type of development that is desired and some of the important characteristics of the area that members of the community feel are worth preserving and protecting. 

A copy of MDP2010 can be found here. 

Our Vision

The Vision for Foothills County, as stated in MDP2010, is as follows:

"The MD of Foothills encompasses a diverse rural landscape in which leadership and planning support a strong agricultural heritage, vibrant communities, a balanced economy and the stewardship of natural capital for future generations."

To uphold this vision the planning staff at the County develop statutory and non-statutory plans, policies and by-laws, which, once approved by Council assist in promoting orderly and beneficial long term growth, promoting and protecting the public interest and maintaining or improving the quality of the physical environment. Most times additional public consultation will be undertaken in the development of these plans policies and by-laws. Please see the County's Public Participation Policy for more information.

Planning staff at the County are also charged with the reviewing and processing of applications from landowners and developers for re-zoning, subdivision and development. Planning staff present the information to Council, who are charged with making decisions that are in the best interest of the municipality as a whole. It should be noted that planning staff do not advise or make recommendations to Council, and that it is Council that approves or refuses all applications.

Growth Management Strategy

Foothills County’s Growth Management Strategy (GMS) was adopted by resolution of Council in 2013. The goal of the GMS is to provide strategies for managing growth and development that build on the vision for the County that was described in the County’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP 2010).

The GMS divides the County into five growth management districts: the East District, the South Central District, the South West District, the North West District and the Central District, and describes a vision for the future for each district.

For details, refer to the Growth Management Strategy.

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs)

Intermunicipal planning is an important component of keeping good relations with municipal neighbours. 

The County currently is party to nine intermunicipal development plans (IDPs) with the City of Calgary, the Village of Longview,  the Towns of Okotoks, Black Diamond / Turner Valley and High River, The M.D. of Willow Creek, the M.D. of Ranchland, Vulcan County and Wheatland County.

Area Structure Plan (ASP)

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan, adopted by Bylaw which provides a framework for redesignation, subdivision and development of a specific area of land. Foothills County has over 50 approved ASPs to guide development in our hamlets, country residential developments, and commercial areas. The Municipal Government Act provides guidance on the preparation, adoption, and contents of ASPs.

Area Concept Plans (ACP)

Area Concept Plans (ACPs) and Outline Plans (Ops) are non-statutory plans that are used as a guideline for the subsequent redesignation, subdivision, and development of a specific area of land. These plans typically provide a higher level of detail than an Area Structure Plan in terms of the proposed land use concept and the actual subdivision design or lot layout.

Development Concept Plans (DCP)

DCPs are a new plan type for the MD the framework for which was laid out in the MDP2010. DCP's will be high level plans that are undertaken by the County. They will address the planning for large scale areas which are defined by similar landform and character.

While the focus of the DCP is to address planning to accommodate future growth, the DCP may instead be used to establish a landscape of conservation for the purposes of maintaining its natural capital.

The intent of a DCP is to provide reasonably broad direction and the appropriate level of detail dependant on the intensity of the development envisioned within the specific area.

There are no approved DCPs in the County at this time.

Location: South west of the Aldersyde PetroCanada Station Legal Land Description:SW 13-20-29 W4M Adopted by resolution 19/12/2012 Guide to future development of quarter section as an eco-industrial and commercial development compatible with adjacent…
Location: West of Okotoks Legal Land Description: Ptn. NE 34-20-01 W5M Adopted: June 28th, 2017, Bylaw 27/2017 4 CR lots Agricultural Balance of 109.03 acres
Location: Northwest of Priddis Legal Land Description: Ptn. NE 32-22-3-W5M Adopted: July 8th, 2004, Bylaw 27/2004 Boundary adjustment and consolidation between existing CR lot and balance lands to create on 22 acre lot 4 CR lots MR lot of approximately 4…
Location: East of Okotoks overpass, south of Highway #552 Legal Land Description: N.E. 23-21-29-W4M Adopted: September 15th, 2005, Bylaw 62/2005 11 CR lots in 2 phases 1 MR lot 1 A balance lot of 21.1 acres
Location: Northwest of Okotoks near the Calgary Polo Club Legal Land Description: Ptn. N ½ 11, S ½ 14, NE 14, W ½ 12, 21-01-W5M Adopted: Sept. 11, 2003, Bylaw 52/2003 Amended: Nov 6, 2008, Bylaw 137/2008 Protection of Polo Club and Strathcona Tweedsmuir…
Location: East of the Okotoks overpass, north of Highway#552 Legal Land Description: S.E. 28-21-28-W4M Adopted: January 4, 2001, Bylaw 199/2000 15 Country Residential Lots 1 Agricultural Lot 1 Municipal Reserve Lot
Location: East of Highway #22, north of Plumbers Road Legal Land Description: Ptn. S.E. 01-22-03-W5M Adopted: May 2002, Bylaw 31/2002 6 Country Residential Lots 1 Municipal Reserve Lot 2 Environmental Reserve Lots
Location: East of Okotoks overpass, south of Highway #552 Legal Land Description: W ½ 23-21-29-W4 Adopted: August 30th, 2007, Bylaw 71/2007 38 CR lots 2 MR lots 1 ER lot
Location: South of Dewinton Legal Land Description: Ptn. N.W. 26-21-01-W5M Adopted: August 31, 2000, Bylaw 114/2000 Amended: June 14th, 2007, Bylaw 53/2007 18 Country Residential Lots 3 Municipal Reserve Lots Additional 4 lots approved in overall plan…
For more information, please visit the project page. Foothills Crossing ASP | Foothills County (
Location: North of Dunbow Road at 80th Street near Bow River Legal Land Description: S.E. 12-22-29-W4M Adopted: June 18, 2001, Bylaw 152/2000 13 Country Residential Lots 1 Municipal Reserve Lot 1 Environmental Reserve Lot
Location: Two miles east of the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area, One mile south of Lloyd Lake Legal Land Description:  NW 01-22-02-W5M Adopted by resolution May 4th, 2016 Agricultural Business District parcel Agri Edutainment Park providing the…
Location: Adjacent to east border of Okotoks, north of 370th Ave Legal Land Description: Ptn. SE 27-20-29-W4M Adopted: January 18th, 2007, Bylaw 36/2006 91 Residential lots, DC, MR, ER and PUL's, in three phases Development includes single family homes,…