Surveys and As Built Drawings

As part of the development process the developer may be required to produce documentation of their land or their proposed or completed development. This may take the form of a land survey, a real property report, as-built drawings or measured drawings.

A Land Survey, or Survey

The establishment, location or definition on the ground of any boundary, limit or angle of any land, size, location, parcel, claim, common, easement, road, street, lane, district, municipality, country or township, or any other location or division of lands or right over lands whether for ownership, title or authority or the origin of any of them; Simply put, it is a precise measurement of the extents of an area of land in order to legally identify it.

Real Property Report

A legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries. It takes the form of a plan or illustration of the various physical features of the property, including a written statement detailing the surveyor's opinions or concerns.

As-built drawings

As-built drawings are prepared by the contractor. They show, in red ink, on-site changes to the original construction documents.

Measured drawings

Measured drawings are prepared in the process of measuring a building for future renovation or as historic documentation. They are created from on-site measurements.