Foothills County Fact File


Foothills County is located in Southern Alberta and is adjacent to the southern boundary of the City of Calgary. The City of Edmonton is approximately four hours to the north and the City of Lethbridge is approximately one and a half hours to the south. The U.S.A. border is approximately two hours south from the County of Foothills, on the North/South Trade Corridor and the Calgary International Airport is approximately one hour to the North.

Latitude: North 50' 55' N, South 50' 19' N
Longitude: East 113' 30'E, West 114' 31'E
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time


Statistics Canada 2021 Census

In 2021, Foothills County had a population of 23,199, representing a percentage change of 2.6% from 2016. This compares to the national average growth of 5.2%.



The mountains cause the climate in Southern Alberta to be rather dry, though the foothills receive the most rainfall. Summers are pleasantly mild, with an average daily July temperature range from 10 to 23 degrees C (49 to 74 degrees F). Winters are long and cold, with an average daily January temperature range from -16 to -4 degrees C (4 to 26 degrees F), but are relieved by frequent warm winds called chinooks. Warm, dry "chinook" winds are produced when air funnels through the Rockies. Some warmer air enters Alberta from the south, or from the west, making temperatures in southern Alberta as much as 10 to 15 degrees C higher than in the north.