Letters of Compliance or Zoning

A letter of compliance is a letter issued by the Planning and Development Department indicating that a property either complies or does not comply with the regulations of the County's Land Use Bylaw with respect to setbacks.

When processing a compliance letter, the Real Property Report or Surveyor's Certificate is reviewed, and then a letter is prepared advising what land use district applies and how the structures shown on the survey are either in compliance or not in compliance with the Land Use Bylaw.

Please note that all roofed structures on the property, even those on skids, are evaluated for compliance. Moveable structures are deemed to be located where they are shown on the survey document. In addition, with the adoption of the Land Use Bylaw 60/2014,  above grade decks are also subject to development setbacks and so their location is also evaluated for compliance.

Although it is not a legislated requirement for a municipality to respond to such requests, The County of Foothills does provide this service, please see the Fee Schedule for the associated cost.

When requesting a letter of compliance you will need to bring:

  • At least one original Real Property Report (RPR) less than one year old (If you have an older RPR but no further improvements have been made to the property, it may be accepted if accompanied by a signed and commissioned affidavit stating that nothing has changed)
  • A copy of the certificate of Title for the property
  • The appropriate fee as outlined in the Fee Schedule (see above)

Letters of Zoning

Also called a zoning confirmation letter, this is a letter that confirms the zoning for a particular parcel. The legal land description of the property is used to look up the property on the County's database and the zoning is determined. A description of the permitted and discretionary uses may be included in the letter. The County charges a nominal fee for this service, please see the Fee Schedule for this amount.