Secondary Suites

The County has created a Secondary Suite Registry that identifies all Secondary Suites that have received the appropriate approvals from the County. 

The registry includes all of the Secondary Suites in Foothills County that have completed the approval process and have been confirmed for occupancy.

This online registry allows all prospective tenants, landowners, realtors, and other interested parties to search permitted Secondary Suites located in the County. 

Access the registry

Some applications have been conditionally approved and are working towards final issuance of their Development Permit. 

Allowing for Secondary Suites on residential properties within Hamlet boundaries or in smaller parcel communities may be considered by Council in the future.

What is a secondary suite?

A Secondary Suite is a subordinate dwelling unit located on a parcel, in addition to the principal dwelling unit, which constitutes a self-contained living accommodation unit comprised of kitchen facilities, sleeping amenities, and washroom facilities consisting of a full bathroom including tub and/or shower fixture and has a separate entrance or includes a door which can be physically closed or locked off from the remainder of the principal dwelling.

Phase 1 of Secondary Suites - Bylaw 08/2019: Previous Updates

Foothills County Council has moved forward with Phase 1 of accommodating Secondary Suites in Foothills County after an extensive public engagement process.  Phase 1 explored Secondary Suites on Agricultural District, Agricultural Business District, and Country Residential District parcels outside of Hamlet Boundaries in the County.  We have developed Land Use Bylaw provisions in accordance with what we heard from the Phase 1 public engagement process. 

Exploring Secondary Suites on smaller parcels and parcels within Hamlet boundaries in Foothills County, may be considered in the future after additional public engagement.


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