Flood Recovery Erosion Control Program (FREC)

Sheep River at 128 Street Flood Hazard Risks and Review of Mitigation Options

During the 2013 flood, the main channel of the Sheep River west of 128th Street was blocked with debris, resulting in the river breaching its east bank (right bank looking downstream) and flowing through the South Rock gravel pit. A significant portion of the floodwaters drained overland although some of the discharge returned to the main channel immediately downstream of the breach. The overland flow drained northeast through the gravel pit and across 128th Street (and further eastward across 112th Street) prior to draining back into the main channel of the Sheep River. This overland flow presented a flood damage threat, resulted in considerable damage at the gravel pit and cut off access to several residences. The flood risk area at this site encompasses an area of approximately 500 hectares which contains 16 titled properties. Subsequent to the 2013 flood, as part of interim mitigation measures, the flow was restored back to the main channel and the east bank armoured where the channel breach occurred.

This report contains a review of flood hazard risks of the Sheep River at 128th Street and evaluation of mitigation options. The objective of the mitigation measures is to reduce flood hazard risks for residents, development and infrastructure.

Final Report of Sheep River at 128th Street Flood Hazard Risks and Review of Mitigation Options:

Report Part 1

Report Part 2

Report Part 3

Report Part 4