Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA)


Alberta Emergency Alert is a provincially run emergency alert system that provides information on emergencies throughout Alberta, including Foothills County.

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Effective May 3, 2022, Foothills County will be solely using Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) to provide notifications and warnings to our residents, businesses and visitors. Previously, the County had a dual system approach with respect to issuing critical and informational alerts through the use of Safe Communities Alert Network (SCAN) and Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA).  

“Emergency preparedness and public safety is everybody’s responsibility,” said Darlene Robin, Emergency Services Manager. “We all need to take proactive steps that help us to be prepared in case of an emergency. By downloading the Alberta Emergency Alert App, you ensure that you and your family will receive the right information at the right time, wherever you may be.”

What is AEA?

Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) is an alerting system in Alberta that is designed to send Critical Alerts and Advisory Alerts to registered users in the event of a serious incident emergency that is imminent or occurring.

Types of Alerts:


    Critical alert are issued when an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of County residents and/or visitors have been identified. This alert will be sent out to all registered users when there is an imminent or immediate threat to the safety of the public. Critical alerts will interrupt radio and television broadcasting.


    Information Alerts are issued for situations that are non-emergent; however, they may have the capacity to escalate quickly or become disruptive in some manner. This alert will be sent out to registered users, who choose to receive this level of alert.  Examples of information alerts include, but are not limited to
       - Spring runoff advisories
      - High streamflow advisories
      - Air quality advisory

How Do You Receive an Alert?

AEA will send out a critical alert through the Alberta Emergency Alert app, radio, television, internet, social media, RSS feed and road signage.

AEA allows users to customize where and what type of alerts they receive.  You can choose multiple locations across Alberta as an example.  Choose Foothills County to receive alerts for where your home or business is located and maybe choose alerts for locations where you have a summer property, where your kids or your parents live – the choice is yours.  Being informed about critical events that happen at home and in places where you visit or have family ensures that you can make the right decisions at the right times.

AEA has the ability to interrupt broadcasting (television and radio) for critical alerts – this functionality increases the chances of reaching as many Albertans as possible in times of a crisis or emergency. 

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Sign-Up For Alerts

By being prepared and engaged all of us can work together and respond to emergencies that may impact our homes, business, families and friends.  Be prepared. 

Please note, that if you had previously registered with SCAN, your subscription will not be transferred to Alberta Emergency Alert.

First, download the Alberta Emergency Alert appWhen you download the AEA App, choose “Follow me” on the settings – this will ensure that wherever you travel in Alberta, if there is an alert issued, you will receive it! 

You may choose multiple locations to add, the follow me feature, and critical or critical and advisory alerts.


To sign up for alerts and follow AEA on social media, please click here. You may unsubscribe from the alerts at anytime. 


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