Municipal Reserve Licence

Municipal Parcels are owned by Foothills County and may be authorized for licence with Council approval.


  1. The applicant writes a letter to the Road Closure Coordinator, requesting that Council consider licensing a Municipal Reserve parcel. The applicant must state the legal land description of the parcel and where the parcel is located in relation to the Municipal Reserve.
  2. The Road Closure Coordinator conducts a site inspection of the Municipal Reserve.
  3. The request is taken to Council as a Miscellaneous Agenda item asking Council to agree or disagree to license the parcel.
  4. If Council agrees the Municipal Reserve parcel can be licensed, the applicant and adjacent landowners are notified and an ad is run in the Western Wheel for two consecutive weeks stating Foothills County is accepting bids for the licensing of the Municipal Reserve. Note: Community Associations are exempt from the bid process.
  5. Once the bid period has expired, the bids are taken to Council (Public Hearing) for their consideration. (Road Closure Coordinator submits public hearing agenda and prepares PowerPoint presentation for Council to accompany bids)
  6. Council to set the conditions, terms and rate of the licence.
  7. Once a bid is approved, a licence is drawn up and both the applicant and Foothills County must sign. The licence is annual, pro rated initially and then billed each January until the conclusion of the licence term. Either party may cancel the licence agreement at any time should payment not be received or any other conditions of the licence agreement are not met. The municipality will give the licence holder 60 days notice should the licence be cancelled.

Please Note: Initiating interest in a Municipal Reserve parcel does not guarantee that you will have the winning bid.

Bid Requirements

All bids for Municipal Reserves should include the following:

  • Bid amount (Refer to the Fees Bylaw - Schedule E)
  • Purpose of licence (grazing, cultivation, or hay)
  • Legal address of Municipal Reserve
  • Legal address of the applicant
  • Proposed term of licence