Drainage, Ditches & Culverts

Over Land Drainage Information


Effective drainage is one of the most important issues to keep in mind when purchasing an existing home and or developing land for any use. Poor drainage and planning can lead to ongoing costs associated with flooding damage both inside and outside the home. In addition, insurance may not cover damages associated with overland drainage. Therefore, it is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that these crucial issues are addressed.

Typically, country residential lots are sold as is with minimal disturbance from natural state save for an approach or driveway to property line and a water well. Some lots even have significant permanent or seasonal drainage ditches that cross the property which can cause significant damage if not accommodated.

The following information is intended to aid home buyers and builders in developing their land such as to ensure that potential damage due to overland drainage is minimized.
Professional advice is recommended if unclear on any of the below items. Money spent upfront is well spent to avoid future problems.