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Foothills County Policing
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September 1, 2023

Diamond Valley RCMP are reaching out to anyone that is thinking of, or has a house/apartment that is pet friendly to rent to one of our recently hired employees. If you have something that is coming up or have knowledge of something please contact (403) 933-6600 and ask to speak with Vanessa.

I recently attended an Okotoks Area Rural Crime Watch Meeting and during this meeting it was learnt that the residents would like to see some stats within the area. Please find the following stats that are broken down for the three communities; Diamond Valley, High River and Okotoks.

April 1 - June 30, 2023 Foothills County Stats
 Diamond Valley & Rural AreaHigh River & Rural AreaOkotoks & Rural Area
Sexual Assaults210
Forceable Confinement010
Criminal Harassment316
Uttering Threats115
Break & Enter215
Theft of Motor Vehicle617
Theft over $5000303
Theft under $50008716
Possession of Stolen Property246
Mischief Damage to Property9511
Mischief Other517
Offensive Weapons221
Disturbing the Peace2215
Fail to Comply with Court Order/Breaches139
Resist Arrest or Obstruct Peace Officer201
Other Criminal Code201
Indecent Act100
Child Pornography100
Public Mischief110
Drug Enforcement - Possession001
Drug Enforcement - Trafficking001
Liquor Act010
Mental Health Act6169
Other Provincial Acts271136
Municipal Bylaws624
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions624
Injury Motor Vehicle Collisions17630
Property Damage Motor Vehicle Collisions -  Reportable582187
Property Damage Motor Vehicle Collisions - Non- Reportable 564
Roadside Suspension - Alcohol362
Impaired Driving Investigations0010
Traffic Offences - Provincial 154315318
Traffic Offences - Criminal Code103
False Alarms3016
False Abandoned 911222
Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Property151620
Persons Reported Missing314
Breach of Peace019

**New Rule for Passing Roadside Workers and Snowplows**

Effective September 1st, 2023, when motorists pass a stopped roadside worker’s vehicle with its lights flashing, the driver must:

  1. Move over to leave one lane of space, if possible, when passing a roadside worker’s vehicle;
  2. Allow a vehicle to safely merge to leave one lane of space; and
  3. Slow down to 60 km/h or the posted speed limit, which is lower, when passing in the adjacent lane, nearest the stopped vehicle.

Violators that choose to ignore this can see a fine of $203.00 plus a surcharge and 3 demerit points.

Rules for vehicles passing snowplows have also changed. Drivers cannot pass a snowplow if:

  1. The view along the side of the snowplow is obstructed;
  2. Overtaking/passing the snow plow would impede its operation; or
  3. Overtaking/passing the snowplow in unsafe.

The penalty for a violation is $270.00 fine plus surcharge and 3 demerit points.

Please share the road and drive safe.

The phone number for the Turner Valley Detachment administration line is 403.933.6600.

The non-emergency complaint line remains is 403.933.4262.

The emergency line will always be 9-1-1.