Dunbow Road Engagement

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Foothills County recently retained WATT Consulting Group to undertake a functional study for Dunbow Road. The purpose of the study was to inform a future access management strategy to ensure safe access to the Heritage Pointe Fire Hall and accommodate existing and anticipated development in the area.

December 23, 2022

Council have reviewed and accepted the summary report on the Dunbow Road Engagement. A link to this report titled What We Heard: Engaging with Dunbow Area Residents on Roads & Access can be found below.

What We Heard Report 

Planned next steps in this project are outlined as follows:

  1. Administration to reach out to the Heritage Pointe commercial area owners to discuss potential access options and possible impacts to parking areas.
  2. Administration to reach out to the Lake at Heritage Pointe Owners Association to discuss potential impacts to entrance features and mitigation strategies.
  3. Request a quote from WATT Consulting Group to produce a costing and phasing report for improvements.
October 20, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the October 18th open house at the Heritage Pointe Golf Course Clubhouse. The turn-out was excellent with over 140 people attending. The County received lots of thoughtful and informed feedback which will be incorporated into a “What we Heard” report that will be presented to Council, likely in the New Year.

Prior to the open house, County administration compiled a list of questions that were asked by residents through the online survey and provided answers to them. The on-line survey was closed on Monday, October 31, and additional questions received subsequent to the open house have been incorporated into the Resident Questions and Answers document. That updated document is available HERE.

Copies of the presentation boards from the open house can also be found HERE.

Dunbow Road Function Study
Frequently Asked Questions
Dunbow Road Survey - pdf


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