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Formally 'Highway 2 East Side ASP' now 'Foothills Crossing ASP'

Work has begun on an Area Structure Plan (ASP) to support future highway commercial development on the lands on the east side of Highway #2 between Highway #23 and 498th Avenue. The Terms of Reference for this project were approved by Council on April 29th, 2020 and the Engagement Strategy was approved on June 24th, 2020. Links are provided above for both documents.

Foothills County Council's goal is to ensure that the proper planning framework is in place for this area so that development may proceed in an orderly fashion. They also wish to ensure costs for infrastructure that will be required to support development are understood and can be shared equitably. The ASP will outline a future land use concept for the plan area and will examine what transportation and stormwater managment infrastructure will be required to support development as well as how stormwater will be managed.

Summer 2020: 

County administration met with landowners in the plan area and other identified stakeholders. An RFP for transportation and stormwater studies was developed.

Fall / Winter 2020:

ISL Engineering was hired to undertake the technical study for the plan area. A site analysis and the preliminary technical study commenced and then two preliminary concepts were developed.

Spring 2021:

Phase 2 Engagement

County staff re-engaged with area stakeholders to share the results of the site analysis as well as the two preliminary concepts.

Click here: to view a narrated presentation on the work done to April 2021.


Click here: for a pdf of the two preliminary concepts and the land use concept legend.

May 2021:

Council reviewed and accepted the Phase 2 Engagement Report regarding the on-line engagement that took place through April 2021. 

Click here: to review the Phase 2 Engagement Report 


To discuss the project or provide comments please contact Julie McLean by phone at 403-603-6239 or by email 

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