Welcome to Foothills County

Attention: Commercial Businesses in the 2A corridor

Foothills County is proud to announce that we will be providing Foothills Fibre Optic Internet Services to Commercial Developments in the Highway 2A corridor this summer.  Foothills County Council recently awarded the Foothills Fibre Network Construction Contract to MACK Construction Services LTD, and construction will begin this spring.

Property Access and Intent to Sign-up Agreements will be required for the design and installation of the buried fiber optic cable and conduit to each individual customer’s property.  As a result, MACK Construction and County representatives will begin visiting businesses in the area beginning in April 2021. 

See below for further information on rates and services, and feel free to contact Foothills County during business hours if you have additional questions. 

Foothills County looks forward to the opportunity to provide this service to our business community, and welcomes your feedback. 

Commercial (non-hosting) Internet
Symmetrical (Mbps) Price/ Monthly
100x100 $110.00 
300x300 $140.00
1000x1000 $240.00 
Commercial Voice (Telephone) Lines
Product Number Porting
(Non Recurring)
Voice Line   $30.00                    $35.00   

Foothills County Fibre Optic Internet FAQ

Why is Foothills County building a fibre optic network?
High-speed internet access is necessary for much of our day-to-day lives.  It impacts regional commerce, education, health and public safety, cultural enrichment, government operations, and aids in countless conveniences and efficiencies in our lives.  It is critical to the future of economic growth.  This phase of the project is focused on business districts that do not currently have access to high-speed Internet services. 

How is Foothills County funding the project?
The project is funded through the Province’s Municipal Stimulus Grant Program.

What geographic area will the fibre optic network cover?
High-speed Internet services will be available to commercial properties located along highway 2A between the northern boundary High River, and Highway 7.

How do I connect my property to the fibre optic network?
If your commercial property is within the service area, a representative from Mack Construction (the contractor responsible for network construction) or the County will be contacting you to obtain permission to install a fibre optic line from the utility right-of-way to your property.  Installation of the line will be professionally installed underground in accordance with industry standards. 

Is there a cost to connect my property to the fibre optic network?
There is no cost to have the fibre optic line installed to your property at this time.  Should you elect not to have the line installed and wish to do so later, installation charges may apply. 

What services will be available over the fibre optic network?
A variety of Internet services with speeds up to 1000Mbps (Gigabit) will be available.  Additionally, analog voice lines, voice rotary, and technical support services will be offered.  

When will services be available?
The construction of the fibre optic network will be complete in June 2021.  Internet Service availability will follow shortly after that. 

Where can I obtain additional information?
For additional information, please contact Foothills County Reception 403.652.2341