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Weed & Grass Control

Profiles and weed control recommendations listed here
Weeds, if left unchecked, greatly reduce the productivity of all farmland. Since 1964, with the implementation of the Weed Control Act of Alberta, this county has been waging war with weeds both on municipal lands, public lands and private lands. Over the years, the municipality has won most of the wars, tied a few and lost the odd one.

Resulting from the increased population in Foothills County along with the increased movement of hay and straw, we are finding new weed species that we have not experienced in previous years. The weeds are Wild Caraway, Houndstongue, Dalmation Toadflax and Leafy Spurge. If you have any of these weeds on your land or any other weeds you are unable to identify, call the Agriculture Fieldman at 403-603-5410 to attend your property and assist you in control or eradication of these weeds.

During the course of weed spraying in the Municipal right-of-ways, Foothills County will be using the BASF product Overdrive. The Dow Agro Sciences product Tordon 22K is used for specific extremely hard to control weeds such as Yellow Toadflax, Leafy Spurge and Spotted Knapweed that pose a significant threat to agricultural production and will be used in a spot treatment application. 

PROHIBITED NOXIOUS SPECIES:  Prohibited noxious species must be eradicated by landowners. They are non-native with currently restricted or local distribution in Alberta that present risks of spreading and causing significant economic or ecological impact. They are also non-native species not currently established in Alberta but that occur in neighboring jurisdictions, cause significant economic or ecological impact in those jurisdictions, and are well adapted to Alberta conditions.

For a complete list of prohibited noxious species in Alberta, visit Alberta Invasive Prohibited Noxious Species

For a complete list of noxious species in Alberta, visit Alberta Invasive Noxious Species

Vegetation Control on Roadside

Foothills County will remove the vegetation along all Foothills County roads in order to:

  • Improve sight distance at intersections and curves
  • Restore proper drainage in ditches
  • Reduce snow drifting problems
  • Allow for dissipation of dust clouds, created by traffic on gravel roads
  • Allow for safety from wildlife
  • Protect Foothills County from any liability should the ditches not be cleared and
  • Enforce the Weed Control Act of Alberta

Brush control requirements will be revised and prioritized on an annual basis. A Brush Control Program will be developed by early fall of each year.

Foothills County reserves the right to clear to the property line.

Vegetation Control on Roadside Policy

Policy Statement
The County reserves the right to maintain its right of ways from property line to property line in regards to vegetation management and to comply with the enforcement of the Weed Control Act of Alberta. For example, but not limited to vegetation includes grass, weeds, brush, etc.

  1. Vegetation control on roadsides is imperative to improving site distances at intersections and curvatures in the road system for the safety of the motoring public.
  2. By removing the existing and dead vegetation the County is able to restore and maintain proper drainage in the roadside ditch system. Standing water in the roadside ditch system leads to higher maintenance costs and dangerous soft spots.
  3. Further to removing standing and dead vegetation, in the right of ways, we are able to reduce and in some instances eliminate snow drifting problems which plague our roadways during the winter months. Also, through removal of trees and brush, the heat of the sun can reach the road surface allowing for quicker dissipation of ice and/or snow on the right of ways.
  4. Vegetation control also allows for the dissipation of dust clouds created by vehicular traffic on the gravel roads. This again provides the situation whereby the County can improve on traffic safety.
  5. Wildlife has always been a major concern of the motoring public and by controlling and removing vegetation the public is able to be more aware of wildlife sooner and avoid colliding with same thereby reducing possible vehicle damage and injuries.
  6. This Roadside Policy is also pertinent to protecting the County from liabilities should a vehicular accident occur, as a result of the ditches not being cleared of vegetation.
  7. Under the Weed Control Act of Alberta, it is the responsibility of the County to control and eliminate the growth of noxious weeds on their right of ways. If these weeds are left unchecked they would create a myriad of problems for the County's ratepayers and the motoring public.

Vegetation control will be carried out as per guidelines set out by the Province of Alberta under Section 1-Highway Maintenance Guidelines - Subsection 4.7 Brush Control and reviewed annually by the M.D. of Foothills No. 31 Council.