Seniors and Disabled Subsidized Transportation for County Residents

Foothills County provides subsidized transportation for medical appointments only, through the existing taxi services and the High River Handibus.

Those companies we have an agreement with are:

  • High River Handibus 403-601-3472
  • Alternate Cabs – Okotoks 403-828-8294

Residents utilizing the subsidized transportation must contact the taxi company or handibus closest to their residence.

Residents must have prior approval from Foothills County.

The user must be a senior citizen (65 years or older) or disabled who meet the criteria including: Be a resident of Foothills County and Line 150 of the current Notice of Assessment cannot exceed $27,300/single or $44,335/married in order to be eligible for this program.

Residents may use the service once per week (4 times per month maximum) for medically related trips only. Special circumstances may be considered. The user must first contact the County office prior to using the taxi service. The County will pay a maximum waiting time of two hours based on $30.00 per hour for taxi service or handi-bus. Any waiting time over the two-hour limit is the payment responsibility of the user.

Please complete and submit the attached request form (PDF) and include your current Notice of Assessment to Amanda Midgley at the address below. After approval from Foothills County is received, it is then the user’s responsibility to schedule the taxi company or handibus & pay the user fee.

Nominal Fees for Service will be as follows for the return trip as of July 1, 2019

  • $10.00 – in the area - doctor, hospital etc.
  • $30.00 – out of local area – i.e.: Oilfields to High River/High River to Oilfields
  • $40.00 – to Calgary South & return
  • $55.00 – to Calgary North & return

For further information please contact Amanda Midgley, or call 403-603-6229.