Family and Community Support Services

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a partnership between the Province and Foothills County that develops, coordinates, and provides Foothills residents with a variety of preventive social programs. It enhances the social well being of individuals, families and communities through the provision of funding to non-profit community based programs that meet the requirements of the Provincial FCSS Act and Regulation

Foothills County FCSS is a member of the Provincial FCSS program. For further information on the Provincial FCSS Department, check out the Government of Alberta Family and Community Support Services website.

The FCSS program is not:

  • recreational
  • a public health transportation grant
  • direct assistance, including money, food, clothing or shelter, to sustain an individual or families
  • rehabilitative
  • a duplication of services from other Government Agencies

FCSS Funding

Foothills County Christmas Family Program

As part of our Christmas Family Program, Foothills County and area are coming together to raise funds for our annual Christmas Family Online Silent Auction. With your help, we would like to give support to families by providing gifts and gift cards this Christmas.

To donate of bid on items please visit: Foothills Christmas Fundraiser 2022 (


Phone: 403-603-6229, Amanda Midgley