Retail Cannabis Sales in DC11 - Land Use Bylaw Amendment

Foothills County

A public hearing has been scheduled for November 15, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. to provide information on proposed amendments to the County’s Land Use Bylaw, for the purpose of considering Retail Cannabis Sales businesses within DC11. 

The current Land Use Bylaw policies do not contemplate or include provisions to allow for any retail sales of cannabis within Foothills County. Subsequent to the legalization of cannabis consumption and retail sales at federal and provincial levels, Foothills County has received several enquiries from potential business operators wishing to operate within the County. Foothills County is now looking to consider proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments which would allow for the consideration and potential approval of such businesses on properties zoned under the DC11 land use district. This district is currently assigned to the commercial business properties within the “Heritage Pointe Shopping Plaza”, directly north of Dunbow Road and west of the Heritage Pointe Fire Hall. At this time, this is the only location and land use district being contemplated to allow for this use.

The proposed amendments also include new definitions and revisions to existing policies to acknowledge and clarify specific requirements and regulations related to this use. If the amendments are approved, any proposed cannabis retail sales business on a DC11 property would require additional approval from Council for a Development Permit and would be subject the requirements and restrictions of Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) approvals.

The proposed amendments do not contemplate changes to the County’s current “Consumption of Cannabis in Public Places Bylaw”.

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