Phase 6 - Construction Along Mountain Avenue

Hamlet of Blackie, Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Mountain Avenue - Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Click here for a Map of the construction area.

Phase 6 of construction activities will require Mountain Avenue, at the intersection of John Street to be closed for 3 days of the above-mentioned time frame. Phase 6 of construction will begin September 25th.

Also, for the duration of the project, any residents parking on Mountain Avenue will need to find alternative parking on a side street or back lane.

Please remove any obstructions to Phase 6 construction activities on Mountain Avenue before September 25, 2023.

To assist us with the performance of this work, we respectfully request your co-operation with the following:

  • Please do not enter the site for any reason; if you have any questions, please call the Shawne office
  • Please keep children and pets at a safe distance
  • Please refrain from discharging water from your property for the duration of the project as excess run-off could have a serious effect on the construction
  • Please remove all vehicles from the street prior to construction
  • Garbage collection may be affected during construction. If you usually have your garbage picked up on the street in front of your home, and the street is closed, please place your garbage in the alley for pick up. If your garbage is usually picked up in the alley, and the alley is closed, please place your garbage on the street side for pick up. Shawne Excavating will arrange for the bins to be picked up from there.
  • Please be aware of your water and sewer usage; an abundance of sewage during working hours may delay progress
  • Please secure, take down or cushion valuables, such as china, for the duration of construction. Vibration from construction activities may affect some items in your home
  • Please do not drive through oiled areas and onto adjacent concrete. Shawne Excavating will not be responsible for cleaning of vehicles or concrete

Your co-operation and understanding is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Shawne office at 403-603-3012.

In case of emergency, please contact Jill Shaw at 403-312-6831.