Northwest Wildfire Mitigation Strategy

Foothills County

The Foothills County Northwest Wildfire Mitigation Strategy was developed to provide practical and operational wildland/urban interface risk mitigation strategies to reduce the threat of wildfire to development. It was developed using standardized FireSmart hazard assessment protocols and mitigation measures were developed based on the seven disciplines of wildland/urban interface approach and current research and knowledge in interface community protection.

The planning area includes lands within the northwest corner of Foothills County, east of the Forest Reserve boundary, south of the TsuuT’ina First Nation, west of Highway 22, and north of Highway 546. The area is primarily private lands with patches of municipal and provincial lands scattered throughout the planning area. Wildfire hazard and risk assessment indicates that the potential for intense wildfire behaviour exists in the study area and the highest wildland/urban interface hazard is to structures with combustible exterior materials without adequate clearance from wildland fuels.

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