2021 Election Results

Foothills County is pleased to share the official results of the 2021 Municipal Election. County residents have elected seven councillors who will govern over the next four years: Robert Siewert (Div. 1), Delilah Miller (Div. 2), Barbara Castell (Div. 3), Suzanne Oel (Div. 4), Alan Alger (Div. 5), Don Waldorf (Div. 6), and R.D. McHugh (Div. 7).

An organizational meeting will be held October 28, 2021, where council will be sworn in, and a Reeve and Deputy Reeve will be appointed. The meeting will be livestreamed and links will be posted on the County website and social media.

2021 Municipal Election Official Results

Div. 1

Headshot of Rob Siewert

Robert Siewert - Acclaimed

Div. 2

Blonde woman wearing dark jacket and white shirt

Delilah Miller - Acclaimed

Div. 3

Dark-haired woman standing next to brown horse

Barbara Castell - 275 - Elected
Laura Kendall - 224
Dan MacDonald - 202
Hugo Bonjean - 177

Div. 4

Headshot of Suzanne Oel

Suzanne Oel - Acclaimed

Div. 5

Headshot of Alan Alger

Alan Alger - Acclaimed

Div. 6

Smiling shot of Don Waldorf in front of bush with yellow flowers

Don Waldorf - 493  - Elected
John Callister - 215

Div. 7

Headshot of RD McHugh

R.D. McHugh - 368 - Elected
Wayne Anderson - 183
Janet Andrusiw - 116

A total of 2,253 votes were cast of 19,300 eligible voters.