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Foothills County is proceeding with public engagement to inform and receive feedback from County Residents and Landowners, High River Regional Airport Board Members, Airport Leaseholders, and the general public regarding the proposed Land Use Bylaw Amendments on and surrounding the High River Regional Airport.


We wish to provide opportunity for interested parties and affected landowners to review and understand the proposed policy changes, as well as provide feedback to further direct the drafting of these policies.

We want to open up this discussion with the County residents to obtain as much resident feedback as possible and provide opportunity for residents and stakeholders to participate in the planning process.


The open house will be hosted at the Town of High River / Foothills County Joint Administration Building, at 309 Macleod Tr. S., High River, Alberta, in meeting room LO4-LO5 on:

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, at 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

There is no formal presentation; it is just a come-and-go event.

Information and survey/feedback opportunities available at the Open House will be posted here following the open house.

May 2023 Update

Foothills County is proceeding with initial phases of landowner and stakeholder consultation on the High River Regional Airport Land Use Project. This initial consultation consists of direct mailout to area landowners of properties currently designated under the Direct Control #5 Land Use District (DC5) and discussion with the Airport Board and airport property leaseholders.

The landowner mailout will contain an invitation to landowners to schedule an in-person, or telephone, meeting with County Staff to discuss any questions or concerns specific to their property within the DC5 District. This initial consultation is intended to provide landowners with an understanding of the purpose of the project as well provide the County with insight to help us better understand the context of each DC5 parcel and how it is used, which will allow us to determine an appropriate and suitable land use district to redesignate to from the DC5.

Once County staff has an opportunity to review responses and meet with affected parties, a “What We Heard” report will be presented to the County Council. Additional public consultation will follow.

September 2022 Update

Due to workloads and staffing constraints, Foothills County have had to temporarily put this project on hold. We are hoping to be able to re-initiate the project soon.

Foothills County Council has directed administration to undertake a project to amend the Direct Control #5 District (DC#5 or High River Airport District) and develop a plan for redesignating lands outside of the airport that currently have the DC#5 land use.

Currently, the DC#5 district is applied to the airport lands as well as nearby lands. Applying this zoning to lands in the vicinity of the airport was done in order to avoid any land use conflicts that may hamper the continued safe operation of the airport. However, it has created confusion as to what uses are actually allowed for on these parcels. In addition, since the completion of the new Airport Business Development Strategy completed in 2017 and the adoption of the revised High River Regional Airport Area Structure Plan in 2018 there is a need to update the land use district to allow for uses that are deemed appropriate on the airport lands.

To view a copy of the Airport Land Use Project Plan click here.

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