Direct Control District #2 Project

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June/July 2021
Research and information gathering.
July/August 2021
Draft information materials.
August-January 2022
Public engagement.
March 2022
Report to Council.
Fall 2022
Public Hearing: September 7, 2022 and Implementation.
Fall 2022
Council passed Bylaw 43/2022 at the November 16, 2022 Council Meeting.

Redesignation of the Direct Control District #2 Lands

As part of the “Red Tape Reduction” initiative, the County is proposing the redesignation of Direct Control District #2 lands In the Highway 2A industrial corridor to existing land use districts in the current Land Use Bylaw, in accordance with the Highway 2A Industrial Area Structure Plan.

Information Package

Highway 2A Industrial Area Structure Plan

There are currently 64 Direct Control District #2 parcels encompassing an area of approximately 1,815.86 acres, all within the Highway 2A Industrial corridor.

Staff has formulated a proposed concept for redesignation of the Direct Control District #2 lands in accordance with the Highway 2A Industrial Area Structure Plan as follows:

  • General Industry District (approximately 58 parcels)
  • Industrial Edge District (1 parcel)
  • Public Utility District (4 parcels containing existing public utility facilities)
  • Municipal Land/Reserve District (1 parcel existing 10ft. reserve buffer on Highwood River)

Council adopted Bylaw 43/2022 authorizing the redesignation of these lands November 16, 2022, in accordance with the chart and map showing included below.

Further to redesignation of the Direct Control District #2 lands, Bylaw 44/2022 was adopted by Council to repeal the Direct Control District #2.

Concurrent with the redesignation, staff proposed amendments to several land use districts under the Land Use Bylaw to accommodate approved uses which exist on the lands, to allow for additional future uses, and update provisions to guide development in a safe, efficient, and complementary manner while continuing to encourage commercial and industrial development in the Highway 2A Industrial corridor.

Bylaw 45/2022 was adopted November 16, 2022, to authorize amendments to the following land use districts within the Land Use Bylaw:

  • General Industry District
  • Industrial Edge District
  • Flood Hazard Protection Overlay District

To view the adopted amendments, please click on the land use districts above.

Land Use Chart


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