Joint Planning Area 3 Context Study

Joint Planning Agreement Context Study

This project is currently paused while Foothills County and the Town of Okotoks work to finalize the plan area boundaries for this context study.

The Town of Okotoks (Town) and Foothills County (County) have a long history of collaboration in land use planning and service delivery. As members of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB), the Town and County are required to work together to conduct a Context Study for Joint Planning Area 3 (JPA3) under the provisions of the CMRB Growth Plan (effective as of August 2022).

The joint study, mandated by the CMRB, is required to be completed by August 2025. Both municipalities approved the terms of reference as a guiding document for the Context Study process in January 2023. The context study will address the coordination of land use and servicing for the JPA3 which comprises land in both the Town and County.

The area shown in the image below illustrates the current boundaries of JPA3 in red. This area was identified as one of the CMRB Growth Plan’s Preferred Growth Areas. It encompasses approximately 5252.5 ha (12,979 acres) of land, 4610.4 ha (11,392 acres) within the County and 642.1 ha (1587 acres) within the Town.

The area, as currently identified below, extends from the northern boundary of Okotoks along Highway 2 and 2A to south of the hamlet of Aldersyde. It is anticipated that through the process of completing the Context Study, the boundaries of the study area may be refined.

Public Engagement

The Town and County are committed to engaging with landowners, residents, businesses and other key interested parties when making decisions that have the potential to impact them.

The Joint Planning Area 3 Context Study will address the coordination of future land use and servicing for the area which is comprised of land in both the Town and County. It is anticipated that portions of JPA 3 will accommodated significant growth and development.

Future decisions made by both Town and County Councils on potential land use and servicing in this area will consider all relevant information together with feedback that is obtained through the engagement process.

Phase 2 Engagement

Phase 1 of the engagement process is complete and a summary of what we heard will be posted soon. We are now entering Phase 2.


The objective of Phase 2 engagement will be to provide information to landowners interested parties and the public on study requirements and public participation opportunities and to gather input. This input will inform refinements to the proposed vision for the study area and to proposed objectives for the context study project. It may also lead to refinements to the context study area and to land use, transportation and servicing strategies once developed, which will assist both Councils in future decision making.

Opportunities for Public Participation

Landowners and interested parties located in the study area will receive a letter or email that will provide details about the project, contact information and information about community engagement opportunities.

Public Engagement 

A public open house was held November 2, 2023. Open house materials can be found HERE.

View the What We Heard report containing feedback from the public open house and survey HERE.