Normal Burning Permit Conditions

Alert level

Due to the current conditions and upcoming weather forecast Foothills County will be downgrading the fire risk status from the current Fire Restriction to “Normal Burning Permit Conditions” and remove all restrictions. As a result, Burn Permits will once again be issued and If residents wish to apply for a Burn Permit, they can visit the County website.

Normal Burning Permit Conditions:

  • Fire must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • No burning is permitted when winds exceed 12 km/hr or are gusting.
  • Suitable fire extinguishing equipment to be located at site.
  • The 911 Dispatch Centre @ 1-888-808-3722 must be notified approximately one (1) hour prior to burn taking place.
  • No burning is permitted between the night hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am unless a special permit has been issued by Foothills County.
  • Only Class A combustibles are to be burned (clean wood/paper products).
  • An accurate description of the size and the type of combustibles must be given to the Foothills Fire Department when applying for a permit.
  • Any breach of the above conditions renders the permit null and void.

We will continue to monitor moisture levels and fire risk throughout the County and may update the status as needed. Fire permits will again be issued for Class1 (10x10x5 and under) and Class 2 (10x10x5 and over) fires but may be cancelled at any time with little to no notice if the weather condition change. If conditions do change, the County may impose a Fire Ban, Restriction or Advisory at any time. If a Fire Ban, Restriction or an Advisory is imposed, residents will be asked to immediately and fully extinguish their fire and all existing permits will become void and no new permits will be issued. Residents will also be asked to visit the County website and or Alberta Fire Bans website for up-to-date fire status information.

Thank you,
Rick Saulnier
Fire Chief
Foothills Fire Department